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Barefoot/Minimalist Running May be Hurting Your Feet, But Here is a Review of Some Minimalist Shoes

April 03, 2013 By: John Blue Category: General Running News, Science

barefootBecause everyone still seems to be interested in barefoot running, I bring you another fine study that asks the interesting question of :

“Does the barefoot style reduce a runner’s risk of pain and injury (as enthusiasts believe)? Or does barefoot running simply contribute to the development of a different set of injuries in some runners?”

This study’s results indicate: probably.

Even with an extremely conservative build up of mileage in minimalist shoes (Vibram Five Fingers), most of the runners studied were showing signs of foot injury after a ten-week trial.

Almost all of the runners in the minimalist shoe group were spontaneously running fewer miles at the end of the 10 weeks than they had been at the start, “probably,” Dr. Ridge said, “because their feet hurt.”

But hey! Who are you going to listen to? Some nutty professor or Chris McDougall?

Because I know my running friends are still going to line up to buy minimalist shoes, here’s a pretty decent review of the current offerings in the Guardian’s The Running Blog.

There’s also this nifty video.



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