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High Intensity Training Part II

June 11, 2012 By: John Blue Category: General Running News, Science, Videos

Run faster by running less?

Alert reader, John B. (not me) wrote to tell me about his experience trying the training protocol I had written about in the original post, High Intensity Training.

John writes:

Two blocks at first, two to three times a week? Then ramp up to three.

I did three sets yesterday and I am hurting. It’s a deceptive little workout.

By the way, your post on Friday was the first I had heard of it. The video (Which in Danish is titled “Effektiv Intervaltraening”) proves these guys are not couch potatoes. They are pretty serious runners!

As I mentioned previously, I’m not so sure this is really something new under the sun. I am quite happy to believe this could be “effektiv” in the sharpening phase of your training–leading up to a race. Because of the well documented training benefits of real mileage (AKA chronic running), I’m not really sure this would result in sustainable improvement. I would hypothesize that this experimental finding is more neuro-muscular than physiological.

But hey, you can read more about it yourself at the University of Copenhagen’s website. (In English!)

If you like, you can even watch the video.

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